Sunday Mornings at 10am


What to Expect

Music. We love music. Sometimes its a full band, sometimes its just a guy and a guitar, either way we begin and end our services with praise.

Corporate Prayer. We pray as one body. We see value in collectively lifting up prayers to God. Pray with us throughout the week, download our corporate prayers here.

Teaching. We stick to the bible. We look to scripture to find a God that engages our mind and speaks to our hearts. Examining the truth of God gives us hope as well as challenges us.

Communion. We break bread. The table is set and is open to all who call Jesus savior to remember. We encourage you to grab your kids take communion as a family.


Missio Kids


Ages 0-12

Jesus is inviting kids to know and follow Him in a real and life changing way. And at Missio Dei we take that invitation seriously. To us kids are as much a part of the community as adults. Every Sunday, dedicated and passionate volunteers will open the Bible, teach Jesus, and proclaim the gospel to Missio’s Kids. Our desire is that your kids feel known, safe, and loved and that while they are with us they hear about Jesus and learn how to follow Him. Missio Dei has a Sunday morning kids programs for infants through 5th grade.

We believe that parents are the primary disciples to their kids and that our job as a church is to function as a support for parents. To do this we provide resources to parents about the lessons kids are being taught and at different seasons throughout the year, we hand out family guides that come full of fun ideas for how to teach Jesus through various seasonal activities.


Missio Youth: Wednesday 6:30pm


Ages 12-18

Missio Youth is a weekly time for middle and high school students to gather with their peers, experience Jesus, have fun, and develop into genuine disciples of Jesus.

Missio Youth arose out of a theological conviction that we as a church exist to make disciples of Jesus. We want to support the work of the Church and parents by creating an environment where youth feel the freedom to honestly wrestle with their faith, grow with their peers, experience Jesus, learn His story, and place their hands on the gospel.

Missio Youth meets every week, Sundays at 6:30pm. 


House Church


Find A House Church

In our world, the individual rules. However, in God’s Kingdom we don’t come with a “me first” mentality rather we come hearing Jesus command us to serve rather than be served and to love others like we would love ourselves. It is for that purpose that we regularly gather in small groups as House Churches. We are reminded in community that true life is found in not just being known, but also knowing God and others. We are challenged to leave the me first mentality behind and it is in our House Churches where we do that we actually begin to understand real love and life.



Tuesday 6:30pm

Wednesday 6:30pm

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