Invite friends and family to celebrate Christmas Eve at Missio Dei South Jordan. We are gathering Sunday, December 24th at 9:30am for a light breakfast and service will follow at 10:00. Plan to come early and hang out with your family on Christmas Eve morning.

Christmas Eve is a time when we reflect and celebrate the coming of our Messiah, King Jesus. We celebrate the fact that He came to rescue the world from its brokenness and provide a way to The Father once and for all... and yet, we gather to acknowledge that things are not exactly how they should be and we ask God to show us how to be solvents to that problem. We gather on Christmas Eve to invite Jesus to come into our world again and put everything back to the way it was intended form creation.

And then we are invited to join Missio Dei Salt Lake at 4pm for cookies, warm drinks, and a time of fellowship, and a candlelight service at 5pm.


Ok Missio... here is the family we are going to adopt this year. Foster care is near and dear to our heart and we want to make sure this family and these kids are loved as they have been removed from their biological family during the Christmas Season. You can either give at missiosj.com specific to the foster care fund or comment on the Facebook post and tell everyone what you are going to buy and bring to church this Sunday! They may be joining us for Christmas Eve!

Howard Christmas List

RJ - Boy Age 12
Clothing size: 12-14 (pants) 14-16 (shirt)
Shoe size: 9

Interests/Hobbies: RJ enjoys listening to music and playing video games/computer games. I realize the family doesn't have a video game system or computer, but maybe an inexpensive mp3 player? He also likes fidget spinners.
Wants: Adidas red shoes, Adidas red clothes, wireless headphones.

Erika - Girl Age 9
Clothing size - 9-10
Shoe size - 4

Interests/Hobbies - Erika loves to wear dresses and do her and others hair/nails. She loves shopkins and has a collection of them. She struggles with reading (she’s on a 1st grade reading level) so appropriate age/development books may be good so she can practice!

Wants - She told me she really wants a hatchimal for Christmas, numnums, shopkins

Traigh - Boy Age 7
Clothing size - 7-8
Shoe size - 3
Interests/Hobbies - Traigh like video games, and computer games mind craft specifically. Traigh is always full of energy and enjoys playing outdoors. Anything that would get his energy out would be good for Traigh!

Wants - Football, giraffe stuffed animal.

Basic items the family needs
-fabric softener
-emergency kit/first aid kit
-toilet paper

During the Christmas Holidays, as a church, we celebrate the Advent of Jesus Christ; the coming of the Messiah, the incarnation of The Son of God into the world with a mission to make all things right with God again. We also enter into a season of waiting for the return of Jesus. No matter your theology on the when, how, and why of the matter... HE will return again. But, often, this time of year has so many other things pulling on our hearts and minds for their attention and we must resist the temptation to respond to All That Glitters. During this series, we are exploring some of the most common things that seek to pull us away from the real story of Christmas... His name is Jesus Christ.

Join us Sundays at 10 am and bring a friend who needs to find the love of God and a family who will love and accept them as they are. 
Ladies, please join us for a Christmas party THIS Sunday at 5:00pm at the church. We will be having dinner together, and doing a sock exchange. Grab a pair of fuzzy socks, Christmas socks, adorable socks, or just plain ridiculously hilarious socks, and fill them with your favorite goodies. Limit of $20. Hope to see you there!
Rachel Trimble